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Trip to Las Vegas  is a dream for many holiday lovers.  Its a year round destination for tourists  from all over the world.

Las vegas doesn’t glow; it dazzles. Las Vegas is Sin City .The Entertainment Capital of the World, a land of vice and glory where fortunes are won and lost on the turn of a card. Blazing with neon colours at the heart of the Nevada desert,Las Vegas has a long and illustrious history as one of world’s most hedonistic getaways, a graveyard of professional reputations, and a place so fiercely and weirdly illuminated, everyone should see it at least once in their lives.

Hunter S. Thompson found fear and loathing when he visited Las Vegas in the 1970s, but it all depends on what you come looking for. In fairness, Las Vegas markets itself to families as much excitable frat boys, boasting a neon-lit wonderland of amusement parks, luxury spas, leisurely golf courses, and sumptuous, overstocked buffets. Eating out is a major leisure pursuit in Las Vegas with establishments falling over themselves to lure you in – check your hotel for magazines filled with generous discount vouchers.

After you’ve satisfied your craving for shell fish, feel free to amble to the gaming tables to try your hand at black jack, poker, roulette, or dice. The stakes can be as low or high as you like with gambling options running the gamut from penny slot machines to exclusive private tables with million dollar minimum be.


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